Thursday, March 6, 2008


If you want to know what the meaning of a boring Spring Break, ask me and I will tell you about mine. I came home for the whole week and I haven't done much more than just sit at the house. Although it has been good overall because I haven't seen my family or been home at all since December so it has been good. IMPACT has traveled so much and I have been so busy with school that I haven't been able to come home. So it has been good to just stay at home and rest and spend time with family.

Last night I went with Josh and Stephanie to their church to see Steph do a praise dance with her friend Nancy. It was really cool!!

I've been able to just sit and relax and go spend time with Macey Belle. She is my little 1 and 1/2 year old cousin whom I LOVE to death!! She is so precious!!!! I get to spend time with the parents too which is always nice since I don't see them very much.

A couple of weeks ago Mama broke her ankle and she still has a big boot thing on it. So I've been able to help her out a little bit while I've been here.

Today I went and hung out with Miles and John Michael at the Chinese place my brother is managing. Then John Michael and I practiced the song we're doing for Easter.

So I guess it hasn't been such a boring Spring Break after all. There has been lots of family, food, relaxation and good food. There's nothing boring about that.

I've begun to ramble with this so I'm gonna hush now.

Before I left school I made a new photo album with what I call the Best of Jan & Feb 2008. Below is a link for that album.

God Bless!!

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