Monday, December 29, 2008

Nash Vegas Baby

So we drove up to Nashville today. It was a nice drive with fun singing in the car. Went to see Diana DeGarmo at the Listening Room Cafe. It was soo much fun. Lots of cool people. Here's a pic!

I feel like I'm about to lose my voice due to sinus drainage. Pray I don't!!

See ya

Caleb :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

"Boxing Day" - Relient K

Take it all down
Christmas is over
Do not despair
But rather be glad
We had a good year
Now lets have another
Remembering all the good times that we had

Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas it makes way for spring

The hearts of men
Are bitter and weathered
As cold as the snow
That falls from above
But just for one day
We all came together
We showed the whole world that we know how to love

Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas it makes way for spring
Oh no more lights glistening
No more carols to sing
But Christmas it makes way for spring

Oh remember that Christmas
It makes way for spring

Lyrics from Relient K's song "Boxing Day" from the album "Let It Snow, Baby... Let It Reindeer"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Baby Changes Everything

Here is the story of Christmas. Faith Hill did a great song with this song. To me it is THE Christmas song of 2008!!

Don't forget to give thanks to the Lord today for all that He did and continues to do for us! Hallelujah!!


Caleb :):)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I can't believe it, but I actually went Christmas shopping today after I said yesterday that I wouldn't!! I ended up remembering some last minute things that I needed to get. I had to get Lindsey a trashcan and Mama a gift card to the mall.

The mall was worse today than it was yesterday so luckily I didn't need to get a lot.

I was gonna print Maw-Maw a picture for Christmas and I went to 4 Wal-Marts and all of their photo machines were tore up!! So I didn't get it but I told her I would get it after Christmas when I could find a machine that worked. haha

But it all ended up great b/c we had a great rest of the day with family. We had Christmas with Mama's family for lunch and it was sooo much fun!! I got a GAP gift card! Some musical decorations for my room in my apartment and a Target gift card. And me and Macey and Hannah played a lot. I love my girls. It was so great to be with family. I love them so much!!

Then we went up to Gail's and had Chili with them and some of their friends. It was nice cuz the twins came too and I got to play with them. They are so cute and smart!!

Then it was home to wrap more presents and get ready for Christmas Day!!

So even though shopping was crazy the past two days and it's hot and raining, and I wanted to eat ice cream instead of drinking Hot Chocolate, it is so great to be home with family cuz so many don't have that at Christmas.

I praise the Lord that He has allowed me to be with my family at Christmas for 20 years and counting!!

I also thank God for the reason we celebrate Christmas. For sending Jesus into this world for us!! Thank You Lord!!

Here's a special gift from me to whoever may read this tonight. Here are a couple of songs from TRUTH's Final Christmas Concert. It features Melissa Greene, Anthony Evans, and Deidra Hughes who you may recognize if you're familiar with Christian music.


Merry Christmas!!

Caleb :):)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Every year my mom does all of her Christmas shopping at the last minute. Last week I was shopping ever day either getting things for me to give or I was with mom. So I was totally over it by the end of the week.

Then on the day before Christmas Eve EVERY year, she will remember like a million things that she has to do and get before Christmas Eve. So today we had to go shopping again.
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the hustle & bustle of Christmas, but I was over it before today and I didn't want to go back.

But I did, b/c Mama needed me and I couldn't let her down. So we went and it was a nightmare. The people at the mall were nuts. I got pushed twice by the crazy old ladies. I got run into like a million times walking through the place. It was just NUTS. But I guess it was fun overall.

So finally after all of the fighting with the people at the mall and me and Mama fighting with each other we got done and left.

We went by to see Maw-Maw for a little while then got groceries for tomorrow.

When we got home it was wrapping, cleaning, cooking, and now this. I am exhausted.

Tomorrow is Mama's side of the family Christmas at Joely's house. It is ALWAYS an experience so it should be fun :):)

Here's a pic from today.

Merry Christmas!!

Caleb :):)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Graham Family Christmas, Worthy Party, and Home Alone

So tonight was my Dad's side of the family's Christmas.
Last year was not what it should have been because of a family quarrel. Well, this year everybody agreed to be together. So we had our party over at Nanny's last night and it went as well as it could have gone. There was obvious tension, but overall I think it was a HUGE step and I am so thankful for that.
I think that is enough detail on that note.
BTW I love Steph's pepperoni rolls!!

Then I went to the Worthy's annual caroling party. It was during the family thing. So when I got home I heard the caroling and went and found them and caroled for the rest of the time. Then it was back to the Worthy's for social time. I like to say that their Caroling part is THE social event of the season in Eclectic. LOL

Finally it was over to Jamie's house with Jamie, KD, and Anna to watch Home Alone. It was great!! We had hot chocolate and yummy cookies. KD and Jamie passed out about halfway through the movie.

It was a great time to be with family and friends last night and I am so thankful for special times!!

Here's a couple of pics!!

Tomorrow I've gotta go shopping some more with MOM!! I dread it b/c I went shopping 5 days in a row last week so I am totally over it!!

Merry Christmas!!

Caleb :):)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas

Probably one of the best films ever made. I watched it tonight and thought I might put some videos up!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Makes Me Cry

This song by Mandisa & Matthew West has become my all time favorite Christmas song!!


Merry Christmas!!

Caleb :):)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Been Awhile

I have gotten so bad at updating my blog. It is absolutely ridiculous. I know no one will ever look at it b/c I NEVER update it enough.
Since I am home for Christmas and Christmas is only a few days away I am going to try to stay updated through Christmas and my New Year's trip to Nashville!!
So check back for updates!!

See ya!!

Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Updates coming soon!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have too much work to do before the end of Friday!!

I'm done with my MidTerm in Geography which kicked my butt!!

But I still have got to do my Annotated Bibliography for English!!

I also have some pretty major decisions to make in the next week.

I need prayer!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photo Of the Week

I took this when IMPACT sang at FBC Citronelle.

It was beautiful!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SONG Of the Week

So this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I decided to move it to Tuesdays so that I would have Monday to pick out a Song Of the Week.

The first song is going to be "Roots Before Branches" by Room for Two.

I love this song right now because I have been having a lot of doubts lately about a lot of things. Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and where I want to go and who I want to be after I graduate.

This song is my life right now!!

Roots Before Branches - Room for Two

So many things
To do and say
But I can't seem
To find my way
But I wanna know how
I know
I'm meant
For something else
But first
I gotta find myself
But I don't know how

Oh, why do
I reach for the stars
When I don't have wings
To carry me that far?

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

I don't wanna feel
And forget the pain
Is real
Put my head
In the clouds
Oh, start to run
And then I fall
I can't get it all
Without my feet
On the ground

There's always a seed
Before there's a rose
The more that it rains
The more I will grow

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

Whatever comes
I know how to take it
Learn to be strong
I won't have to fake it
Oh, you're understandin'
Oh, but when you come
And do it best
There ain't nothin'
To stoppin' east to west
(I'm not sure
If this is right)
But I'll still
Be standing
I'll be standing

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

I gotta have
Roots before branches

Monday, October 6, 2008


So last night IMPACT and the Worship Choir from school shared in an amazing night of worship at First Baptist North Mobile. It was such a great night!!
Then after words we all went out to O'Charley's for Meredith's 21st Birthday!! It was the best ever!!

What sucked was that Miles couldn't be there because his Dad is really sick. He has cancer and he was real sick this weekend so Miles and his sister had to make an unexpected trip home and couldn't make it to the party. Please pray for them!!

Then today something very "Monday " happened while I was getting ready for class.

I have this Converse shirt that I bought at Target that's white. I really like it but I don't wear it ver often. Well this morning I got up and I decided to wear it with a brown t-shirt underneath and khaki jeans with my brown, blue, pink, and white plaid "vans." I was all dressed and ready to leave but I still had to put my stuff in my bag for the day.

Well I sat down at my desk and picked up my bag and put it in my lap. I leaned over to pick some stuff off of the floor and put it in my bag. Everything was ready and then as I get up I look at my shirt and there is this big pink spot on it.

And I'm like "Where the heck did that come from?" Well after searching around I realized that my pink highlighter had been open in my bag and it had leaked through the material and when I leaned over to pick the stuff up off of the floor it got on my shirt.

So I called Steven to see if I could use his Tide To-Go pen b/c it was like 5 minutes til class started. But of course I couldn't find him so I just put it in the wash and was about 10 minutes late for class.

I finally heard from Steven, and he told me that the pen was on his TV in his room, so I got it and went over the spot like for 10 minutes while the shirt was still wet. Then I put it in the dryer praying that it the spot would be gone when I got it out. Went to lunch and choir, and then worked in the CPA for a little while.

I came back to my room about 2:30 and got it out of the dryer and PRAISE GOD THE SPOT WAS GONE!!!!

So even though I didn't get to wear the shirt today, at least the spot is gone and I can wear it another day this week!!

So that was my "Monday" story and now I will leave ya with some pics from last night!!


Caleb :):)
"Our God Saves"
Jillian & I
"The Lord Reigns"
UM Worship Choir
Libby & I (Party Planners - minus Miles) w/ Meredith
Meredith & Alli
Meredith & Jeremy
Jackie & Meredith
Isn't she lovely!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I have discovered Twitter!!

Go check it out!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Season+New Layout=Update

Hey all,

Now that it is officially Fall I decided it was time for a new layout. Now I know that my layouts are always the standard ones from the Blogger list, but I am planning on having some special ones from outside sources pretty soon for some special occasions, so don't lost too much faithfulness in my creativity. haha

It has been way TOO long since I posted last and ALOT has been going on and changing in my life since then so...

A few updates on me,

IMPACT is out almost every weekend this semester. We are preparing for a Missions Trip to Uruguay in the Spring of 2009. It is gonna be awesome. We are also going into the studio the end of October to record a CD which is really exciting!!

I am no longer an employee at Integrity Music, which is kinda sad because I loved it there so much, but it wasn't working out with my schedule, so I had to leave.

I am still working in the CPA at the school, and I love it so much!!

School has been really stressful this week especially because I have had so much work to do!! I had a debate that I had to give in Geography on Global Immigration last night and we had a map test on South America.
Next Thursday we have our mid-term.
On Monday I have an Annotated Bibliography due for English that I haven't even started on yet.
Then the next Monday Oct 13 I have a 5 page paper due for my Worship Leadership class.

So I have a lot on my plate these days. As a result of all this I am not able to to TAKE A BOW for the time being which is a bummer, but...

I am planning for a special Halloween episode however, so all is not lost LOL

My braces and prep for my jaw surgery is still going on and progressing the best that it can. I am ready for it all to be over and done!!

Anyways, I am going to try to start keeping up with my blog a little more. It helps for me to calm down sometimes, when I can sit here and type out everything that is going on. SO be checking back for more frequent updates throughout the fall.

I'll leave ya with a pic of IMPACT when we were out on the road a couple of weeks ago.

See ya

Caleb :):)

Jillian and I
At the PIG!!
Jackie and I CrAzy
Me, Steven, and Andrea (the two newbies)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TAKE A BOW Summer 2009

Hello all,

As you can tell I haven't updated my blog in almost a month now.

I am extremely busy with school, traveling with IMPACT, and my job at Integrity.

As a result of that there will be no TAKE A BOW Season 2 in the Fall of 2008. The 2nd Season will debut in the Summer of 2009, but we do have plans to do special Halloween & Thanksgiving episodes. Also in December we will have a mini season for Christmas!! So be checking back as I will be posting more info on these special episodes throughout the Fall

Thanks again for tuning in to TAKE A BOW

See ya

Caleb :):)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008


Unfortunately I wasn't able to upload the Season Finale of TAKE A BOW. The site wouldn't let me for some reason.

So if you would like to see it, please email me at and I will send you a file so you can view the episode. Sorry for this. I am going to try again to get it on there and if it doesn't work then it will not be posted on here.

I am taking a blog break for a couple of weeks to get ready for the new season of TAKE A BOW. It is going to be sooo much fun and I can't wait for you all to see it once it starts.

So be looking back now and then for the new episodes and a new look for "Just A Ride"

Be blessed!!

Caleb :):)

Monday, August 4, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Episode 7

I kept my promise. Here is the final episode of Season 1 of TAKE A BOW

The Season Finale will be posted later this week!! Don't forget to check it out!!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Promised...

... that a new TAKE A BOW was going to come and then the Season Finale and I AM going to keep that promise. I am taping the final episode of the season today. And when you watch it you will see why it has been so long since the last one and why I have been sooooo busy!!

I hope that you will tune in. I'm going to try to have it up by the end of the day or by tomorrow. Then next week, check back for the Season Finale which is going to be awesome. A NEW season of TAKE A BOW will start in September!!

Thanks and dont forget to tune in!!



Monday, July 21, 2008

The Last TAKE A BOW is Coming... I promise

Just because things have been so crazy at home with so much to do I still haven't been able to do the last TAKE A BOW yet. I am hopefully gonna be able to film it tomorrow and have it up by tomorrow night.


Check back though!!

Caleb :):)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 20th Birthday!!

Today is my 20th birthday and my cousin Lindsey's 18th. We share the same birthday but are two years apart.

Anyways, it was a great day!!

The new pastor of my home church started today so we got to be there for that and I got to sing "Revelation Song" which was fun to lead b/c in IMPACT I only do BGVs for that song.

Mama, Joely, Maw-Maw, Patrick, Renee, and Rachel all came. It was fun and good to have some family there to worship with.

Then I got to spend some time with Maw Maw at the house before we went down to my Dad's restaurant for Lupper which is what I call lunch/supper.

It was a joint thing with me and Lindsey like we always do.

Then we went to see MAMMA MIA! and I LOVED IT!!

It was an awesome day. Here's a pic from the day!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exciting News!!

So this morning when I came into work, one of the people that I have done some things for during my internship this summer, offered me a part time job for the Fall!!!!

So that is very exciting!!

I'll be getting paid FINALLY!!

It's gonna be tough to get it all worked out with my class schedule and everything but, I know that God is going to work it out!!

Just wanted to share it with ya!!

Be sure to check back on Thursday for an all new episode of TAKE A BOW!!

See ya!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

All New TAKE A BOW on Thursday or Friday

So I know that I normally put up a new episode of TAKE A BOW on Mondays, but due to my schedule being very CrAZy after the 4th I haven't had time to put a new show together. But I will be doing it this week and the new episode will be up hopefully on Thursday, but Friday at the latest, so check back!!

After that episode is posted, the next week I am going to put up the Season Finale which is gonna be something special. So check back!!

See ya soon!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008


This is ABBA singing "If It Wasn't for the Nights" from their 1979 album "Voulez Vouz"


Thursday, July 10, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

This week's Photo Of the Week is the soundtrack cover to MAMMA MIA!

The album sounds great and the movie is going to be as well!!  Can't wait!!


Monday, July 7, 2008


Hey guys,

Since I just had a special edition of TAKE A BOW for the 4th of July we are not going to have a new episode this week.

So since we don't have a new episode this week, feel free to go watch the episodes in the archive.

Also go check out my YouTube Channel featuring TAKE A BOW, and my own personal YouTube Channel that features videos that you won't see here on the blog!!


TAKE A BOW on YouTube

Caleb's Personal YouTube

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Tonight 33Miles was in concert at church and it was awesome!! one of the BEST concerts in awhile!!!!

Here are a couple of pics from the show!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


This week we didn't have MUSIC VIDEO Of the Week because of the TAKE A BOW - 4th of July Special, but we will continue with the RANDOM VIDEO Of the Week now today!!

This is the Blooper Reel from FRIENDS Season 4


Thursday, July 3, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

The American flag, DUH tomorrow is 4th of July!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hey guys!!

Just wanted to let you know that TAKE A BOW is now on YouTube. Because of YouTube's limitation on how long videos can be, I am not able to upload entire episodes to the site, but what I've done is taken the best segments from each episode and uploaded them individually, there will also be special videos there that you WILL NOT see here on the blog.

So go check it out and let me know what you think...

Here's the link



Caleb :):)

Monday, June 30, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Episode 5

Here is the newest episode of TAKE A BOW!! Don't forget to tune in on Friday for a Special 4th of July episode!!


Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok so I went to see WALL-E tonight and it was the funniest thing ever!! Totally GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

New episode of TAKE A BOW TOMORROW!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

RANDOM VIDEO of the Week - TAKE A BOW July 4th Commercial

This is the OFFICIAL commercial for the July 4th episode of TAKE A BOW.

An all new TAKE A BOW will be up online this coming Monday and the Jul 4th Episode will be up on Friday July 4th here on the "Just A Ride" blog!!


Friday, June 27, 2008


This is my FAV performance ever that Katharine McPhee did when she was on American Idol

She's singin "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree"


Thursday, June 26, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

This is a promo photo for WorshipKitchen which is a new thing by Integrity Music similar to iTunes. It is a tool for Worship Leaders to use where they can get sheet music, tracks, and all sorts of other cool things to help enhance their worship ministry. Go check out the website at

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Week at Home = TMJ, Braces, Surgery, & DEGRASSI

This week I was supposed to be taking a Worship Leadership seminar with Dr. Pete at school. Well a few weeks ago I found out that It had been cancelled because not enough people signed up for it, so I decided to go ahead and take the week off and come home for a week.

Yesterday I went to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist and asked them about some jaw pain that I have been experiencing recently. Found out that it is prolly TMJ.

I have a really bad underbite and we have been waiting on surgery til I get done with school, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Today I went to see my orthodontist and found out that my parents' insurance will cover the surgery, but once I graduate from college, I will be off their insurance and won't be able to have the surgery paid for anymore.

So now we are looking at me getting braces again in August before school starts to get prep going for the surgery which will take place next summer. So, I've got alot of fun stuff to think about coming up.

Please be in prayer with me as I get ready to take on all of this craziness, b/c it is going to be exactly that!!

On a different note, I've been able to catch up almost all the way with DEGRASSI. Which if you don't know, is a Canadian TV show that comes on The-N. Ryan and Renee got me watching it and I am totally addicted. I've watced Seasons 1-6 all the way through in like 3 weeks, and now I am watching Season 7 on iTunes and it is the darkest season so far even counting JT's death in Season 6. I have a few more episodes to watch in order to catch with when they start airing the final few episodes of the season on The-N. So once I see the rest, I will blog about it of course.

As far as TAKE A BOW goes, I was going to put up a new show this past Monday, but it is taking me longer to edit it than I thought. Hopefully I should be able to finish it up tomorrow and put it up. It will be listed as if I posted it on Monday because I already started the post and then wasn't able to upload the video, so...
But it is going to be a very fun show, so make sure you tune in!!

See ya soon!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Episode 4 - The Blooper Show

Here is the newest episode of TAKE A BOW!! It features all of the bloopers from the first three episodes!! It's pretty funny!!

An all new Special July 4th episode of TAKE A BOW will be up next week, with three VERY special guests!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

RANDOM VIDEO of the Week

This week's Random video is from when I saw Melissa in Florida. She brought her little kid Hutch on stage and he sang "God Is In Control" with her. It was precious!!


Friday, June 20, 2008


This is a classic one here. This is Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire singing "Does He Love You" from the American Idol Concert Special that aired in 2002 after Kelly was crowned.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

Here's this week's photo of the week

This is my little baby cousin Ford!!


Monday, June 16, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Melissa Greene Interview

Due to being at home for the weekend for Father's Day, I wasn't able to get a new episode of TAKE A BOW ready for today, but next week there will be an all new BRAND NEW episode with some special guests!! So make sure you tune in!!

If you've missed a show, feel free to click on the links below to view past episodes!!

Until next time, enjoy once again the interview with Melissa Greene from TAKE A BOW - Episode 3.

See ya later!!


I hope that all you Dads out there had an awesome Father's Day!!

Here's a pic of me and my brother Josh and my Daddy Johnny on Father's Day!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

RANDOM VIDEO of the Week

Here is Alli & Austin and their first dance as a new married couple!!



This is me and my friend Britney being crazy doing the Cha Cha Slide the other night at the house.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

Here's is the new PHOTO Of the Week

This was taken when I was in Pensacola a couple of weekends ago. It's the pier at the beach. It's cool because at night it looks like it goes on forever.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ever Ever After - Alli & Austin's Wedding

This past Saturday one of our own from IMPACT got married. Alli married Austin and now she is Alli Wylly!!

It was a fun day and MOST of IMPACT made it so it was a fun reunion!!

Here are a couple of pics from the wedding!! Enjoy!!

Caleb :):)

Monday, June 9, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Episode 3

Here is this week's TAKE A BOW!!!!

Make sure you watch because this week features a very SPECIAL interview with a VERY Special guest!!

See who it is...

Leave some feedback!!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not sure what to name this post...

Today was an awesome day!!

Dr. Pete preached at NOMO this morning on WORSHIP and it was AMAZING!! Love ya Dr. Pete!!

We had a great lunch with Renee's parents. Tonight was fun at church with Mark preaching and Heather sang "He's Been Faithful" and it was THA SHIZZ!!!! Then I went out to eat with Will and Breanne @ STEAK & SHAKE!!!!

That was the day in a nutshell!!

I wanna invite you to tune in for a NEW episode of TAKE A BOW tomorrow night here on the Just A Ride blog. It is going to be a VERY special episode with a VERY SPECIAL guest so make sure you check back and see who it will be!!

Thanks & God Bless!!

Caleb :):)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

RANDOM VIDEO of the Week

Here is our RANDOM VIDEO of the Week

This is a blooper video from when Danielle and I were filming her interview for TAKE A BOW!!


Friday, June 6, 2008


The second Music Video Of the Week!!

This week, it's Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth on the Tony Awards doing "Defying Gravity." It was absolutely amazing and TOTALLY flawless!!

Enjoy!! :):)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

PHOTO Of the Week

Here's our 2nd Photo Of the Week.

This photo was taken by me this past Tuesday in chapel at Integrity.  The guy that is being prayed around is Demetrius and he is leaving Integrity to go to school for counseling.  It's a very bittersweet time for him.  But God is going to do amazing things with his ministry.  We are very excited for him.  Anyways he works in the Marketing department at Integrity and the people around him are all the people that he works with.

Such an awesome pic!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ryan Leaving = Drama

Ok so this summer while working at Integrity I am staying with my AWESOME friends Ryan and Renee.  Well last week, Ryan was gone on a mission trip to Mexico and he had a great time and everything went great!!

The least I can say is that everything at the house while he was gone was a NiGtMArE!!
So much crap happened, we're not even gonna go into it again.

Well tonight he left again to go on a trip where he is gonna be gone for a long time again.  He hadn't been gone 3 hours when we had drama already.

Our friend Britney is staying with us while Ryan is gone and she was here and me and her and Renee were gonna go bring the dogs from outside into the garage for the night.

Ryan has the key that opens the garage door with him!!

So we couldn't get in.

We tried everything to try to get the door open.  Finally I noticed the door that is on the top of the garage that is kinda like one of those barn doors on the side up at the top.  I stood up on a trashcan and pulled it open with a wrench!!

Then Renee had to pull her car around the yard and I climbed up on the top of her car to jump across what seemed like the GREAT DIVIDE into the garage to go downstairs and open the door!!

So needless to say, it was an ORDEAL, but we got it open and got the dogs in.

The dogs have been having a BAD flee problem too so that is a drama in itself.

But overall it was a fun night.  I told Britney I felt like an explorer going down into a basement or something looking for treasure.  It was pretty awesome!!


Caleb :):)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Broke and Blessed!!

This is only Tuesday and it has been an amazing week so far!! Even though I am really tired from alot going on, God is doing great things in my life!!

Saturday I went to Pensacola and came back on Sunday night and I've been at work for the past two days so it's been go go go. And I am all out of fundage. That means, no $$$$ I have been struggling to find a job and it is beginning to get very tiresome!! So I am pretty much broke, but I am soo blessed because God is awesome!!

One thing that I have been learning a lot over the past few months is how to sit back and just be quiet and still in the Lord. We get so caught up mostly in just everyday life that we forget to just sit back and listen to what God has to say to us.

So I've been working on just sitting back and listening to what God says and it has been a blessing. Because of that God gave me an awesome internship at Integrity Music here in Mobile and I am loving it!! I am learning and getting to experience sooo much by working there. The people are great!! And I am getting skills that I can use either in the Music Business or Artist side. I am SOO very grateful for that opportunity!! Thank you Lord for being so awesome!!

That's all for today!! I'll leave ya with a few pics!!

Have a great evening and don't forget to check out the latest TAKE A BOW!!

God Bless,
Caleb :):)

Me and Meredith at her Farewell Dinner Before She Left for Nashville

Monday, June 2, 2008

TAKE A BOW - Episode 2

Here's is the 2nd episode of TAKE A BOW!!

Also if you want to check out previous commericals and episodes, go to our TAKE A BOW channel on DailyMotion the address is

Make sure to watch and leave me some feedback!!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A FUN Weekend!!

Hey fellow bloggers!!

I hope that you all have enjoyed the Of the Week series so far. Sorry about forgetting to put the Random one up on time.

Tomorrow a brand new TAKE A BOW will be up. This week I had a special guest. I went to visit my friend Danielle in Pensacola this weekend. She is a fellow member of IMPACT which is a group we sing in. And we sat down and talked a little bit and she also performed a song she has written. So it is going to be a fun show!! So make sure you check back in.

Below you will see a couple of pics from the taping and some other random ones that we took over the weekend!!

Enjoy and remember to check back for a BRAND NEW episode of TAKE A BOW here on the Just A Ride blog!!

See ya!!

Random Video of the Week

This is our FIRST Random Video of the Week!!

And it was supposed to be put up yesterday (Saturday) and I forgot!! LOL

The following video is a short one that I put together for my friend Miles when he ran for SGA Vice President. It was fun and that is my voice with effects on it in the video!! Haha. He didn't win but the campaign was fun!!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Music Video Of the Week

This is our FIRST Music Video Of the Week!!

This is a video that my friend Danielle and I recorded one day at my Daddy's restaurant. It's hilarious!! There is a point where you will hear someone tallking. That is Danielle talking on the phone while we were in the middle of the video. We just decided to keep it because it was so funny!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo Of the Week

This is the very first Photo Of the Week!!

This is a candid that I captured at the house on Memorial Day. This is Jacob and he is the nephew of the people that I live with. I'm totally obsessed with this picture this week!! Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Exciting NEW Stuff!!

I hope that you have checked out the Debut Episode of TAKE A BOW. There has been no response to it which probably means that no one has watched it, but that's ok. Hopefully activity will pick up. :):) If you have yet to see it, it should still be up on the main page of the blog. If not you can CLICK HERE to see it.

I'm also going to start a few more new things in addition to the TAKE A BOW series. Its's a series I'm calling "...Of the Week." It will consist of different elements that will be posted weekly on my blog. So far I have come up with three elements. If you have any suggestions for more, let me know.

Here is a schedule for what my updates will look like from here out on a weekly basis.

JUST A RIDE - Blog Schedule

Sunday - TBA (Random Post)

Monday - New TAKE A BOW Posted

Tuesday - TBA (Random Post)

Wednesday - TBA (Random Post)

Thursday - Photo Of the Week

Friday - Music Video Of the Week

Saturday - Random Video Of the Week

Again if there is more stuff you'd like to see, let me know and I will add it in.

I've also set up a couple of places where you can go to view all the videos that I ever post here on the blog.

The first channel is one that I set up specifically for the blog and it's on DailyMotion. There, all the videos from blog will be posted. As an extra feature I will also add videos to my "Favorites" list that are on Daily Motion that I have watched and enjoyed, from Music Videos to other Randomness.  Also all the "...Of the Week" videos will be archived in a playlist here.  So check it out!! Here's a link...

The second is a seperate channel set up specifically for my show TAKE A BOW. I will post every episode of the show here on the blog but it will also be featured on the DailyMotion channel so if you miss one they will all be in one place and easy to get to. Here's a link...

I think that is everything. If you've got any feedback please feel free to do it here on the blog or if you would like, you can email one of two email addresses.

For stuff to do with TAKE A BOW email

For general blog stuff and for Anything else email

I'm pretty sure that's it for today!!  Hope to hear from ya soon!!

Sunday showed Teenage Depression and Suicide Awareness
I got a new hat yesterday!!