Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Exciting NEW Stuff!!

I hope that you have checked out the Debut Episode of TAKE A BOW. There has been no response to it which probably means that no one has watched it, but that's ok. Hopefully activity will pick up. :):) If you have yet to see it, it should still be up on the main page of the blog. If not you can CLICK HERE to see it.

I'm also going to start a few more new things in addition to the TAKE A BOW series. Its's a series I'm calling "...Of the Week." It will consist of different elements that will be posted weekly on my blog. So far I have come up with three elements. If you have any suggestions for more, let me know.

Here is a schedule for what my updates will look like from here out on a weekly basis.

JUST A RIDE - Blog Schedule

Sunday - TBA (Random Post)

Monday - New TAKE A BOW Posted

Tuesday - TBA (Random Post)

Wednesday - TBA (Random Post)

Thursday - Photo Of the Week

Friday - Music Video Of the Week

Saturday - Random Video Of the Week

Again if there is more stuff you'd like to see, let me know and I will add it in.

I've also set up a couple of places where you can go to view all the videos that I ever post here on the blog.

The first channel is one that I set up specifically for the blog and it's on DailyMotion. There, all the videos from blog will be posted. As an extra feature I will also add videos to my "Favorites" list that are on Daily Motion that I have watched and enjoyed, from Music Videos to other Randomness.  Also all the "...Of the Week" videos will be archived in a playlist here.  So check it out!! Here's a link...

The second is a seperate channel set up specifically for my show TAKE A BOW. I will post every episode of the show here on the blog but it will also be featured on the DailyMotion channel so if you miss one they will all be in one place and easy to get to. Here's a link...

I think that is everything. If you've got any feedback please feel free to do it here on the blog or if you would like, you can email one of two email addresses.

For stuff to do with TAKE A BOW email

For general blog stuff and for Anything else email

I'm pretty sure that's it for today!!  Hope to hear from ya soon!!

Sunday showed Teenage Depression and Suicide Awareness
I got a new hat yesterday!!

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