Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have too much work to do before the end of Friday!!

I'm done with my MidTerm in Geography which kicked my butt!!

But I still have got to do my Annotated Bibliography for English!!

I also have some pretty major decisions to make in the next week.

I need prayer!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photo Of the Week

I took this when IMPACT sang at FBC Citronelle.

It was beautiful!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SONG Of the Week

So this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I decided to move it to Tuesdays so that I would have Monday to pick out a Song Of the Week.

The first song is going to be "Roots Before Branches" by Room for Two.

I love this song right now because I have been having a lot of doubts lately about a lot of things. Trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and where I want to go and who I want to be after I graduate.

This song is my life right now!!

Roots Before Branches - Room for Two

So many things
To do and say
But I can't seem
To find my way
But I wanna know how
I know
I'm meant
For something else
But first
I gotta find myself
But I don't know how

Oh, why do
I reach for the stars
When I don't have wings
To carry me that far?

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

I don't wanna feel
And forget the pain
Is real
Put my head
In the clouds
Oh, start to run
And then I fall
I can't get it all
Without my feet
On the ground

There's always a seed
Before there's a rose
The more that it rains
The more I will grow

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

Whatever comes
I know how to take it
Learn to be strong
I won't have to fake it
Oh, you're understandin'
Oh, but when you come
And do it best
There ain't nothin'
To stoppin' east to west
(I'm not sure
If this is right)
But I'll still
Be standing
I'll be standing

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world

I gotta have
Roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know
Who I wanna be
And faith
To take chances
To live like I see
A place in this world
For me

I gotta have
Roots before branches

Monday, October 6, 2008


So last night IMPACT and the Worship Choir from school shared in an amazing night of worship at First Baptist North Mobile. It was such a great night!!
Then after words we all went out to O'Charley's for Meredith's 21st Birthday!! It was the best ever!!

What sucked was that Miles couldn't be there because his Dad is really sick. He has cancer and he was real sick this weekend so Miles and his sister had to make an unexpected trip home and couldn't make it to the party. Please pray for them!!

Then today something very "Monday " happened while I was getting ready for class.

I have this Converse shirt that I bought at Target that's white. I really like it but I don't wear it ver often. Well this morning I got up and I decided to wear it with a brown t-shirt underneath and khaki jeans with my brown, blue, pink, and white plaid "vans." I was all dressed and ready to leave but I still had to put my stuff in my bag for the day.

Well I sat down at my desk and picked up my bag and put it in my lap. I leaned over to pick some stuff off of the floor and put it in my bag. Everything was ready and then as I get up I look at my shirt and there is this big pink spot on it.

And I'm like "Where the heck did that come from?" Well after searching around I realized that my pink highlighter had been open in my bag and it had leaked through the material and when I leaned over to pick the stuff up off of the floor it got on my shirt.

So I called Steven to see if I could use his Tide To-Go pen b/c it was like 5 minutes til class started. But of course I couldn't find him so I just put it in the wash and was about 10 minutes late for class.

I finally heard from Steven, and he told me that the pen was on his TV in his room, so I got it and went over the spot like for 10 minutes while the shirt was still wet. Then I put it in the dryer praying that it the spot would be gone when I got it out. Went to lunch and choir, and then worked in the CPA for a little while.

I came back to my room about 2:30 and got it out of the dryer and PRAISE GOD THE SPOT WAS GONE!!!!

So even though I didn't get to wear the shirt today, at least the spot is gone and I can wear it another day this week!!

So that was my "Monday" story and now I will leave ya with some pics from last night!!


Caleb :):)
"Our God Saves"
Jillian & I
"The Lord Reigns"
UM Worship Choir
Libby & I (Party Planners - minus Miles) w/ Meredith
Meredith & Alli
Meredith & Jeremy
Jackie & Meredith
Isn't she lovely!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So I have discovered Twitter!!

Go check it out!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Season+New Layout=Update

Hey all,

Now that it is officially Fall I decided it was time for a new layout. Now I know that my layouts are always the standard ones from the Blogger list, but I am planning on having some special ones from outside sources pretty soon for some special occasions, so don't lost too much faithfulness in my creativity. haha

It has been way TOO long since I posted last and ALOT has been going on and changing in my life since then so...

A few updates on me,

IMPACT is out almost every weekend this semester. We are preparing for a Missions Trip to Uruguay in the Spring of 2009. It is gonna be awesome. We are also going into the studio the end of October to record a CD which is really exciting!!

I am no longer an employee at Integrity Music, which is kinda sad because I loved it there so much, but it wasn't working out with my schedule, so I had to leave.

I am still working in the CPA at the school, and I love it so much!!

School has been really stressful this week especially because I have had so much work to do!! I had a debate that I had to give in Geography on Global Immigration last night and we had a map test on South America.
Next Thursday we have our mid-term.
On Monday I have an Annotated Bibliography due for English that I haven't even started on yet.
Then the next Monday Oct 13 I have a 5 page paper due for my Worship Leadership class.

So I have a lot on my plate these days. As a result of all this I am not able to to TAKE A BOW for the time being which is a bummer, but...

I am planning for a special Halloween episode however, so all is not lost LOL

My braces and prep for my jaw surgery is still going on and progressing the best that it can. I am ready for it all to be over and done!!

Anyways, I am going to try to start keeping up with my blog a little more. It helps for me to calm down sometimes, when I can sit here and type out everything that is going on. SO be checking back for more frequent updates throughout the fall.

I'll leave ya with a pic of IMPACT when we were out on the road a couple of weeks ago.

See ya

Caleb :):)

Jillian and I
At the PIG!!
Jackie and I CrAzy
Me, Steven, and Andrea (the two newbies)