Friday, January 11, 2008

Singing, Schooling, and Traveling

When last weekend came, IMPACT had rehearsal for 3 hours on Saturday and then had an AMAZING party at Dr. Sanchez's house where we got some gifts!!  Then we sang two services, and AM and PM on Sunday.  Both were amazing!!!!

I found Season 1 of the show HEROES at a store for $20!!  I was really excited because I have been wanting to watch it for so long, but was waiting til it went on sale somewhere and I finally found it!!  One night, me and a couple of my friends stayed up until 5:30 am watching it.  It is soooo addictive.  So I definitely would suggest that you check it out.

Finally on Wednesday, school started.  I think that this semester is going to be ok.  My classes are going to be challenging but I think that I am ready for it.  We are also going to be traveling ALOT with IMPACT this semester.  Later on this month we are going to Texas!!  That is going to be FUN!!!!  

Through all of the business of college life, I am so thankful that I have God with me to carry me through it all.  It can be painfully stressful managing school, work, singing, traveling, and friends all at once.  There are times when I just want to say "I quit" but I KNOW that is not God's plan for me.  So, when I start feeling that way, I just remember that and then I feel so much better.  The Lord is a strong and solid rock that I can always cling to and He is there.  It is amazing to have a relationship like that with Him.  

Now I am in Atlanta with Bethany because she left ALOT of her clothes at home on accident so we came to get them this weekend and have a little roadtrip.  So it should be fun!!

Here are a couple of pics from the past week for ya!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Funny Videos

These are some funny videos that some friends showed me on YouTube. You may or may not have seen them because they are pretty popular, but even so they are hilarious so you must watch them. The first though is just one of me and a friend of mine being crazy. The others though are hilarious of people falling on TV. Also a GREAT one if you love dance, and then one my brother showed me from a British show called IT Crowd. There are also a couple of pics from today. ENJOY!!

Just thought this was cool
The only time you will EVER see this fountain frozen!!  The low last night was 16!!

One Way Streets and Sunsets

Ok after we left Panera after sitting there for 3 hours on the internet, John Michael and I went to Downtown to take some pics.  We ended up going in the Battle House Renaissance Hotel (which is gorgeous on the inside by the way) and exploring.  It was pretty funny because we ran into some other people who were exploring as well and we kept bumping into them.  Anways.  We had actually gone in to escape the cold because it was about 32 outside.  COLD!!!!  It is never that cold in Mobile.  And I had been in the hotel before, so I was like, "Let's walk around so I can show you some of it."  Well we ended up on the roof, but it was AWESOME because it was the first time I had been that high and you could see the sunset out over the skyline.  It was pretty cool to see some of God's beautiful work.  So I was able to take my first sunset pictures. And something else cool was that it wasn't a beach sunset which is usually what I always see so I was pretty excited.  Anyways, I'm starting to ramble on now, so here are some of the pics I took including the sunset.  Also if it works there is a video from the front balcony of the hotel so you can see the hurricane force winds that made it even colder.  Oh and you get a taste of John Michael wannabe British/Irish accent.  Enjoy!!  On my way to work now YAY!!  NOT!! :) :)
The squirrel that needs to go on Weight Watchers
Still the Christ of Christmas

Front Balcony View at the Battle House Hotel in 32 degree coldness with hurricane winds (not really, but pretty hard ones)
From the roof of the Battle House
These are my first sunset pics
RSA Tower as seen from the Battle House Roof

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back at HOME

So even though my parents would HATE it that I said I was back home which is at school. I will say that I am back home because I am here more than I am there so this IS home for now. Anyways. I got back in about lunchtime today and went to have lunch with John Michael. I bought season 1 of HEROES because I have always wanted to watch it so now I can. So I don't have much else to say so I'm just gonna show you some pics from when Josh and Stephanie got back from NYC!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It's New Year's Day!! Hope that everyone had a great time on New Year's Eve. I am definitely excited about this year because I have alot of opportunities for some pretty awesome stuff later on in the year. But anyways right now I'm hanging out at my brother's before I have to go back to school tomorrow for work. He and his fiancee just returned from a week in New York for Christmas to visit her Dad. Go to his blog at And then IMPACT will be singing this weekend. I'm really excited because we will be coming back together after not singing together for a month!! And we're singing at my church where I go to school so that is going to be alot of fun!!

But I hope that everyone else is also excited and looking forward to their new year. I know that God has many AMAZING plans for me this year and I hope that He does for you as well. It is truly incredible to me how far God has taken me in the past year and what I have been able to do and accomplish. I would not have been able to do it had I not had Him beside me every step of the way. So thank You LORD for that.

My prayer for whoever is reading this is that you will have a happy, safe, and blessed NEW YEAR!!!!

God Bless!!