Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 100th Post - FLOOD!!!!

So there has been lots of rain in the state of Alabama the past week and it still isn't done!!
When I was home this weekend there were roads closed in Wetumpka because of a sink-hole due to flooding. The rivers were also VERY high!!

Today I drove back to Mobile. It has rained HEAVY all day. I got soaked. When I left school I saw where the areas on either side of the entrance to the school were completely under water. It was CRAZY!!

I have heard that there are several roads closed throughout the city due to flooding. It is crazy. Anyways I have been documenting the day as it has unfolded. I am done for now b/c I've got to eat dinner and watch American Idol so anyways.

Take a look at this...

On the "Dolly Parton" bridge coming into Mobile

The flood on campus

The drive into the campus

WOW Still can't believe this

Right down the street from my house

Kids playin in the water in my parking lot

Check out Qik...

So I discovered this new thing yesterday called Qik. It's tied in with Twitter. It's kinda like the video version of TwitPic.

The thing that's cool about it is you can record videos from your phone and it feeds it live to the web!! Isn't that awesome?!?!

Go check out my Qik profile and then create your own.


Here is my Qik video from when I was on the way back to Mobile this morning.

Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW LAYOUT & SONG of the Week

Ok so I know that it is one of the templates that is already available from Blogger, but I am not creative enough to make my own. Also just because I don't know how. So if anyone has a suggestion for how to make a cool layout, or if you want to make one for me that would be great!!
Leave me some love!!

Ok now I am presenting this week's SONG of the Week. I posted a little piece of the lyrics to this song a while back and since then the song has been released. It is an amazing song that is an incredible reminder that whatever is going on in our lives, so matter the good or bad, or whatever our circumstance, God is STILL God and He will always be.

Please enjoy Avalon's latest single "Still My God"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Ready for a Surprise

Today was my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary. I am in Mobile at school as you know and I travel with IMPACT so I am not able to come home very often. Because of this I often miss birthdays and such. Well for my parent's 40th my cousin Joely decided she was gonna plan a surprise party for them. My Dad knew about it b/c we had to use a room at the restaurant, but Mama had no idea and only a few people knew that I was going to be making an appearance. It was a HUGE success and she was really surprised. Here's a little vid I made while I was waiting to come out and surprise her.
It was also Josh's 33rd Birthday Party!!

Mama waiting for her surprise

YAY!! She was so surprised...

...she cried

Josh Opening His Gifts

Saturday, March 28, 2009

RANDOM Video of the Week

So I am trying to get back into blogging. So I am trying to start back up my Of the Week Series.
Here is this weeks random video of the week!!

So I will admit that I love watching The View. Those women crack me up and I love them. Here is a video from this past week when Elisabeth purposefully knocked over her water to make a point. I LOVE ELISABETH!!

It happens at 5:00 but the convo leading up to it is pretty interesting talking about Obama's comment about the Special Olympics on Jay Leno.

This second video is what happens after the commercial break. I wanted to post it b/c it has the reaction to the spill and they go on to talk about how Barbara liked baths with her daughter. She talks about it alot on the show. This being the third time that I know of that it has been mentioned. Thought it was funny.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Satisfy

So I had a pretty rough day today and got some information that I wasn't ready for, but kinda saw coming. Afterwards I listened to this song from Melissa's new album and it blessed me so much. It is TOTALLY true!!!!

This is from Melissa's new album "Next Step" in stores today!! Go get it!!

You Satisfy - Melissa Greene

I have reached for a moment of splendor wished on every star up in the sky
Searching for that something more that’s better
But I keep getting let down but I know it’s gonna work out
Cause You keep showing me how

You satisfy when my soul is thirsty you’re the fountain of sweet mercy
My spirit cries with all I have inside
You fill my heart with joy and only You can satisfy

There are times when I feel sad and I feel lonely
nights I let the tears fall from my eyes
But I know that you will come to me and hold me
I feel my heart beating inside I see the sun starting to rise
I know that I’m gonna be fine

You liberate me from who I used to be
You come and you take me to the mountain where I see
I see the glory see the beauty see the light
You fill my heart with joy and only You can satisfy