Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Ready for a Surprise

Today was my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary. I am in Mobile at school as you know and I travel with IMPACT so I am not able to come home very often. Because of this I often miss birthdays and such. Well for my parent's 40th my cousin Joely decided she was gonna plan a surprise party for them. My Dad knew about it b/c we had to use a room at the restaurant, but Mama had no idea and only a few people knew that I was going to be making an appearance. It was a HUGE success and she was really surprised. Here's a little vid I made while I was waiting to come out and surprise her.
It was also Josh's 33rd Birthday Party!!

Mama waiting for her surprise

YAY!! She was so surprised...

...she cried

Josh Opening His Gifts

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