Saturday, March 28, 2009

RANDOM Video of the Week

So I am trying to get back into blogging. So I am trying to start back up my Of the Week Series.
Here is this weeks random video of the week!!

So I will admit that I love watching The View. Those women crack me up and I love them. Here is a video from this past week when Elisabeth purposefully knocked over her water to make a point. I LOVE ELISABETH!!

It happens at 5:00 but the convo leading up to it is pretty interesting talking about Obama's comment about the Special Olympics on Jay Leno.

This second video is what happens after the commercial break. I wanted to post it b/c it has the reaction to the spill and they go on to talk about how Barbara liked baths with her daughter. She talks about it alot on the show. This being the third time that I know of that it has been mentioned. Thought it was funny.

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