Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Satisfy

So I had a pretty rough day today and got some information that I wasn't ready for, but kinda saw coming. Afterwards I listened to this song from Melissa's new album and it blessed me so much. It is TOTALLY true!!!!

This is from Melissa's new album "Next Step" in stores today!! Go get it!!

You Satisfy - Melissa Greene

I have reached for a moment of splendor wished on every star up in the sky
Searching for that something more that’s better
But I keep getting let down but I know it’s gonna work out
Cause You keep showing me how

You satisfy when my soul is thirsty you’re the fountain of sweet mercy
My spirit cries with all I have inside
You fill my heart with joy and only You can satisfy

There are times when I feel sad and I feel lonely
nights I let the tears fall from my eyes
But I know that you will come to me and hold me
I feel my heart beating inside I see the sun starting to rise
I know that I’m gonna be fine

You liberate me from who I used to be
You come and you take me to the mountain where I see
I see the glory see the beauty see the light
You fill my heart with joy and only You can satisfy

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