Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Way Streets and Sunsets

Ok after we left Panera after sitting there for 3 hours on the internet, John Michael and I went to Downtown to take some pics.  We ended up going in the Battle House Renaissance Hotel (which is gorgeous on the inside by the way) and exploring.  It was pretty funny because we ran into some other people who were exploring as well and we kept bumping into them.  Anways.  We had actually gone in to escape the cold because it was about 32 outside.  COLD!!!!  It is never that cold in Mobile.  And I had been in the hotel before, so I was like, "Let's walk around so I can show you some of it."  Well we ended up on the roof, but it was AWESOME because it was the first time I had been that high and you could see the sunset out over the skyline.  It was pretty cool to see some of God's beautiful work.  So I was able to take my first sunset pictures. And something else cool was that it wasn't a beach sunset which is usually what I always see so I was pretty excited.  Anyways, I'm starting to ramble on now, so here are some of the pics I took including the sunset.  Also if it works there is a video from the front balcony of the hotel so you can see the hurricane force winds that made it even colder.  Oh and you get a taste of John Michael wannabe British/Irish accent.  Enjoy!!  On my way to work now YAY!!  NOT!! :) :)
The squirrel that needs to go on Weight Watchers
Still the Christ of Christmas

Front Balcony View at the Battle House Hotel in 32 degree coldness with hurricane winds (not really, but pretty hard ones)
From the roof of the Battle House
These are my first sunset pics
RSA Tower as seen from the Battle House Roof

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