Friday, January 11, 2008

Singing, Schooling, and Traveling

When last weekend came, IMPACT had rehearsal for 3 hours on Saturday and then had an AMAZING party at Dr. Sanchez's house where we got some gifts!!  Then we sang two services, and AM and PM on Sunday.  Both were amazing!!!!

I found Season 1 of the show HEROES at a store for $20!!  I was really excited because I have been wanting to watch it for so long, but was waiting til it went on sale somewhere and I finally found it!!  One night, me and a couple of my friends stayed up until 5:30 am watching it.  It is soooo addictive.  So I definitely would suggest that you check it out.

Finally on Wednesday, school started.  I think that this semester is going to be ok.  My classes are going to be challenging but I think that I am ready for it.  We are also going to be traveling ALOT with IMPACT this semester.  Later on this month we are going to Texas!!  That is going to be FUN!!!!  

Through all of the business of college life, I am so thankful that I have God with me to carry me through it all.  It can be painfully stressful managing school, work, singing, traveling, and friends all at once.  There are times when I just want to say "I quit" but I KNOW that is not God's plan for me.  So, when I start feeling that way, I just remember that and then I feel so much better.  The Lord is a strong and solid rock that I can always cling to and He is there.  It is amazing to have a relationship like that with Him.  

Now I am in Atlanta with Bethany because she left ALOT of her clothes at home on accident so we came to get them this weekend and have a little roadtrip.  So it should be fun!!

Here are a couple of pics from the past week for ya!!

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