Sunday, June 1, 2008

A FUN Weekend!!

Hey fellow bloggers!!

I hope that you all have enjoyed the Of the Week series so far. Sorry about forgetting to put the Random one up on time.

Tomorrow a brand new TAKE A BOW will be up. This week I had a special guest. I went to visit my friend Danielle in Pensacola this weekend. She is a fellow member of IMPACT which is a group we sing in. And we sat down and talked a little bit and she also performed a song she has written. So it is going to be a fun show!! So make sure you check back in.

Below you will see a couple of pics from the taping and some other random ones that we took over the weekend!!

Enjoy and remember to check back for a BRAND NEW episode of TAKE A BOW here on the Just A Ride blog!!

See ya!!

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