Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ryan Leaving = Drama

Ok so this summer while working at Integrity I am staying with my AWESOME friends Ryan and Renee.  Well last week, Ryan was gone on a mission trip to Mexico and he had a great time and everything went great!!

The least I can say is that everything at the house while he was gone was a NiGtMArE!!
So much crap happened, we're not even gonna go into it again.

Well tonight he left again to go on a trip where he is gonna be gone for a long time again.  He hadn't been gone 3 hours when we had drama already.

Our friend Britney is staying with us while Ryan is gone and she was here and me and her and Renee were gonna go bring the dogs from outside into the garage for the night.

Ryan has the key that opens the garage door with him!!

So we couldn't get in.

We tried everything to try to get the door open.  Finally I noticed the door that is on the top of the garage that is kinda like one of those barn doors on the side up at the top.  I stood up on a trashcan and pulled it open with a wrench!!

Then Renee had to pull her car around the yard and I climbed up on the top of her car to jump across what seemed like the GREAT DIVIDE into the garage to go downstairs and open the door!!

So needless to say, it was an ORDEAL, but we got it open and got the dogs in.

The dogs have been having a BAD flee problem too so that is a drama in itself.

But overall it was a fun night.  I told Britney I felt like an explorer going down into a basement or something looking for treasure.  It was pretty awesome!!


Caleb :):)

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