Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Week at Home = TMJ, Braces, Surgery, & DEGRASSI

This week I was supposed to be taking a Worship Leadership seminar with Dr. Pete at school. Well a few weeks ago I found out that It had been cancelled because not enough people signed up for it, so I decided to go ahead and take the week off and come home for a week.

Yesterday I went to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist and asked them about some jaw pain that I have been experiencing recently. Found out that it is prolly TMJ.

I have a really bad underbite and we have been waiting on surgery til I get done with school, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Today I went to see my orthodontist and found out that my parents' insurance will cover the surgery, but once I graduate from college, I will be off their insurance and won't be able to have the surgery paid for anymore.

So now we are looking at me getting braces again in August before school starts to get prep going for the surgery which will take place next summer. So, I've got alot of fun stuff to think about coming up.

Please be in prayer with me as I get ready to take on all of this craziness, b/c it is going to be exactly that!!

On a different note, I've been able to catch up almost all the way with DEGRASSI. Which if you don't know, is a Canadian TV show that comes on The-N. Ryan and Renee got me watching it and I am totally addicted. I've watced Seasons 1-6 all the way through in like 3 weeks, and now I am watching Season 7 on iTunes and it is the darkest season so far even counting JT's death in Season 6. I have a few more episodes to watch in order to catch with when they start airing the final few episodes of the season on The-N. So once I see the rest, I will blog about it of course.

As far as TAKE A BOW goes, I was going to put up a new show this past Monday, but it is taking me longer to edit it than I thought. Hopefully I should be able to finish it up tomorrow and put it up. It will be listed as if I posted it on Monday because I already started the post and then wasn't able to upload the video, so...
But it is going to be a very fun show, so make sure you tune in!!

See ya soon!!

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