Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Broke and Blessed!!

This is only Tuesday and it has been an amazing week so far!! Even though I am really tired from alot going on, God is doing great things in my life!!

Saturday I went to Pensacola and came back on Sunday night and I've been at work for the past two days so it's been go go go. And I am all out of fundage. That means, no $$$$ I have been struggling to find a job and it is beginning to get very tiresome!! So I am pretty much broke, but I am soo blessed because God is awesome!!

One thing that I have been learning a lot over the past few months is how to sit back and just be quiet and still in the Lord. We get so caught up mostly in just everyday life that we forget to just sit back and listen to what God has to say to us.

So I've been working on just sitting back and listening to what God says and it has been a blessing. Because of that God gave me an awesome internship at Integrity Music here in Mobile and I am loving it!! I am learning and getting to experience sooo much by working there. The people are great!! And I am getting skills that I can use either in the Music Business or Artist side. I am SOO very grateful for that opportunity!! Thank you Lord for being so awesome!!

That's all for today!! I'll leave ya with a few pics!!

Have a great evening and don't forget to check out the latest TAKE A BOW!!

God Bless,
Caleb :):)

Me and Meredith at her Farewell Dinner Before She Left for Nashville

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