Monday, December 22, 2008

Graham Family Christmas, Worthy Party, and Home Alone

So tonight was my Dad's side of the family's Christmas.
Last year was not what it should have been because of a family quarrel. Well, this year everybody agreed to be together. So we had our party over at Nanny's last night and it went as well as it could have gone. There was obvious tension, but overall I think it was a HUGE step and I am so thankful for that.
I think that is enough detail on that note.
BTW I love Steph's pepperoni rolls!!

Then I went to the Worthy's annual caroling party. It was during the family thing. So when I got home I heard the caroling and went and found them and caroled for the rest of the time. Then it was back to the Worthy's for social time. I like to say that their Caroling part is THE social event of the season in Eclectic. LOL

Finally it was over to Jamie's house with Jamie, KD, and Anna to watch Home Alone. It was great!! We had hot chocolate and yummy cookies. KD and Jamie passed out about halfway through the movie.

It was a great time to be with family and friends last night and I am so thankful for special times!!

Here's a couple of pics!!

Tomorrow I've gotta go shopping some more with MOM!! I dread it b/c I went shopping 5 days in a row last week so I am totally over it!!

Merry Christmas!!

Caleb :):)

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