Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wired for Worship

Today IMPACT led worship for River of Life Ministries here in Mobile and the pastor spoke a message about being Wired for Worship. I forgot my note journal in my dorm so I was only able to take a few notes but the ones that I got were the main points that stuck out to me about worshipping with our lives. He reinforced the fact that everything, EVERYTHING that we do should glorify God, and if it doesn't, stop doing it.
The scripture was ,

1 Corinthians 10:31

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

The next verse talks about how we shouldn't cause anyone else to stumble.

The points that I wrote down said,

-Worship - anything that you do that glorifies God
-Stay in a constant mind of worship
-One of the greatest acts of worship is doing a good job at a bad job
-We want to be representative of the King

Basically all of those notes can be summed up into the same thing. We should live our life as a life of worship. He also talked about how people watch you. People are always watching you. I know I am always watching people to see how they do things, how their attitudes are, and how they react to things. As a Christian, I know that it is part of my duty to live a life of worship so that the people that may be watching me will see God in me. That's where the scripture about not causing people to stumble comes in. If I do something wrong or "un-Christian" and could have handles it differently, it may cause someone to stumble. I would rather be an encouragement to others with my actions that to do something dumb and cause someone else to fall. It happens to people all the time.

Anyways, we also had an amazing time of worship. They also gave us breakfast w/ COFFEE!! They are the first church all year that has given us coffee which we really need at 8 am in the morning!! It was amazing. God really moved in the service and there were several salvation decisions as well which is AWESOME!!
After the service we went to eat lunch at the China Ocean. Put IMPACT together with Chinese food and you get some pretty crazy outcomes. Especially by the time we got to our fortune cookies. It was so hilarious. And after today I have officially decided that I am going to make an album on my computer that is called "The Many WaCKy Faces of Bethany and Jackie" examples below...

God Bless,
Caleb :)

The girl that took this thought we were dating... LOL :)

Three of the "Many WaCKy Faces of Bethany and Jackie

Our car group

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